Ikea is hot and your social media feed knows it. it’s been a few weeks now since Spanish fashion brand Balenciaga decided to create a new bag inspired on Ikea’s famous Frakta tote bag. I have no clue whether Balenciaga’s 2000 euro bag is as strong, sturdy or as useful as the blue legend from the Swedish furniture behemoth, but it’s a fact that everyone is going about the Frakta hype.

To this date, the legendary tote has been shred into pieces, only to be turned into an Ikea thong, sneakers and even a baseball cap. My photographer’s brain was triggered by all these impulses and creations. I just had to imagine something. If Balenciaga could turn a € 0,60 polypropylene bag into a € 2000 designer bag, there sure had to be a way to turn it into a designer dress. The only problem was the fact that Dries Van Noten or Karl Lagerfeld aren’t in my phone book (yet). My sewing skills weren’t exactly up to par either.

Then I came to realize that I live next to our neighbourhoods top designer: my retired neighbour Jeanine! And so the miracle happened. In just under a week, Jeanine tortured the poor bags into submission and turned them into a deep-cut cocktail dress. Just like that! I present to you Blüfraktadres, an authentic creation from maison Jeanine!

Model: Michelle Alba

MUA: Juliana Kaye

Locatie: Studio 13, Amsterdam (NL)

Collectie: Own design, as manufactured by Jeanine, the most awesome neighbour ever