[text_block title=”Don’t miss out!”]What if someone gave you a pair of glasses that allows you to perceive the world as your 10-year old self? Don’t you believe that life looks amazing the way a child looks at it? Well there’s a way. 12 Children  will put a great collection of images from their daily lives on display during the “Playing with Light” exhibition. Don’t miss out on this great exhibition made by kids, for kids (but more importantly curious adults too by the way)[/text_block]

When I first started my photography business last year, I started with a mission. I made a vow to bring a plan into action that had been running around my brain for quite a while.  I wanted to make a change. I wanted to help people by doing what I love most. Part of the plan was to get people acquainted with photography without any barriers, no matter their situation or background. I started out by reaching out to some of the largest paediatric centres in Belgium. Then came a mail from the Antwerp University Hospital. From the first meeting onwards, I felt their was a connection. Things started moving forward. A few meetings followed with Nikon, resulting in their very generous donation of several Nikon 1 J-5. I couldn’t believe my eyes!

Fast forward to the summer holidays. Before I knew it, I stood in front of my first group of young pupils. That was the first of 3 great workshops. It was amazing (and absolutely inspiring) to see these kids diagnosed with kidney problems, diabetes or cystic fibrosis act so joyful. And that’s maybe the biggest message in this whole story. No matter what their background or situation was, they are still children. Children who deserve the exact same chances as any other and who turned out to be great photographers – despite their young age. I was amazed.

Each one of them had the opportunity to take a camera home for a month. They went out there and captured the world as we know it, but in a way only they can perceive it. Now all these images will be shared with the world. So embark on this fantastic journey with all of us. Come visit the exhibition at the Antwerp photography museum (FoMu) and rediscover the world as a child! Put on those glasses and turn back into your 10-year old self for a bit!


EXHIBITION Playing with Light – March 9th – March 19th at the FoMu

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